Free Notice to Vacate Letter Template

To notify your landlord of your intention to vacate the property, you can use our notice to vacate form.
Updated August 8, 2022

A tenant Notice of Vacate letter is a document that a tenant sends to his landlord to notify him of his plans to vacate an apartment, condo or house.

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If you are a landlord looking to notify tenants of a problem that they must resolve or face eviction (made to vacate the property), send an Eviction Notice instead of a Notice to Vacate.

What is a Letter to Vacate?

You can end your lease by using a notice of vacate letter. However, be aware that additional fees and/or the loss of your security deposit may apply. 

A notice to vacate a letter can also be called

  • Notice of Intent To Vacate
  • Notice to Move Out
  • Letter to Vacate the Premises 


Although there is no format for creating a notice of vacate letter, legally it must include the following elements:

  • When the tenant must vacate the property. It is important that the tenant reviews the lease before deciding on a move-out day. A tenant may be required to send a notice within a specified time period before the lease term ends. This will ensure that the contract does not automatically renew.
  • Date that the letter was sent You must also include the date you received your notice to vacate within the time period noted in your Lease Agreement.
  • Property address of the landlord: Make sure to check your lease carefully for the address of the landlord. It’s common for rent checks to be sent to different addresses, especially if there are multiple properties owned by the landlord or a property management company.
  • Final walkthrough request Usually, your landlord will ask for a final walkthrough once you have removed all of your belongings from your property. This should be scheduled with your landlord to ensure that they return your security deposit quickly.
  • Relevant clauses You might want to refer to one or more clauses in the lease agreement. These clauses will indicate how much notice you must give before you terminate the lease and whether a walkthrough may be required.
  • Forwarding Address: Here you can receive your security deposit checks and any other mail you need to send.

Many of these processes, such as delivery of security deposit, can be done electronically. Check with your landlord to find out what they prefer.

How to Send a Letter to Vacate

Send a notice of vacate letter your landlord to let him know that you intend to vacate the premises as soon as possible.

Tenants usually send this letter 30 days, 60 or 90 days prior to the move-out date depending on the lease. 

Include the date that you (the tenant), will vacate the premises and the address where the landlord should send your security deposit.

Use our notice to vacate template if you are unsure of how to write it. Fill out the details and send it to your landlord. 

Send your notice of vacate letter along with a tracking number. Keep your receipt as proof that it was delivered. It is best to send your notice to vacate letter via certified mail. Keep the receipt and signed proof of receipt.

Do I Need to Write a Notice to Vacate Letter? What Will Happen if I Do Not?

Except where your lease requires it, you don’t have to sign a notice of vacate. We recommend that you put this notice in writing to ensure that your landlord and you are on the same page regarding your plans.

If you are, it is a good idea for you to send a notice of vacate letter when: 

  • Your lease is up: You should notify the landlord that you intend to vacate the apartment.
  • You intend to leave your home early. Especially if you have cause to do so or your landlord initially allowed you to leave, breaking the lease could result in additional fees or penalties that are based on the terms of the lease. If you need to go to court, it is important that you have your agreement in writing.
  • If you have had a contentious relationship with your landlord. It is important to document everything if your relationship is already fragile in case your landlord attempts to claim that you didn’t give proper notice before you move out.

You must ensure that you follow all guidelines and documentation in your lease agreement.

What do you include in a Notice to Vacate?

You should include the following information in your Notice to Vacate Letter

  • The date you sent your letter
  • The date of your intended move-out
  • Correct address for the landlord
  • The address of the rental property
  • Last walkthrough request
  • Your new forwarding address

Before you send the letter to your landlord, ensure that you and any other tenants sign it.

The Pros and Cons of a Notice to Vacate Letter

A notice to vacate has the main benefit that it ensures that you have followed all procedures and are on the same page as your landlord when you move out of your apartment. Even if you don’t need notice, it can help prevent a dispute.

There is one disadvantage to writing a notice of vacate. It takes planning and time. It is worthwhile to spend a few minutes to send a notice of vacate letter.

Notice to Vacate Sample Template

Below, you can find a simple template sample of what a notice to vacate typically looks like:

Notice to Vacate Sample Template

Below is a simple example of a notice to vacate letter:

The tenant in this instance informs her landlord that she intends to vacate the property after the rental period ends so that the lease does not automatically renew.

To quickly and easily create a notice to vacate letter, you can use our document builder. 

How to Write a Notice to Vacate Letter

Make sure you put the state that you are in on the notice to vacate form before you fill out the form. Date the document with the date, year, and day you filled out the form.

Step 1 – Provide Delivery Method

1. Delivery Method. You can choose the delivery method for this notice to the landlord. Personal delivery means that you personally hand the notice to the landlord. Substituted delivery means that you deliver the notice to another person at the landlord’s home or office. You can post the notice (nail and tape, attach) to the landlord’s door. You can send registered and certified mail through the U.S. Postal Service.

Step 2 – Fill in Landlord Details

2. Enter the name of the landlord. This is the owner of the property that you are renting/leasing.

3. Landlord Address. Enter the current postal address of your landlord.

Step 3 – Identify Lease Agreement Details

4. Title of the Lease Agreement. Please provide the title/full name of the original lease or rental agreement that you signed with the landlord.

5. Lease Agreement Date. Enter the date that you signed the original rental or lease agreement. This is usually the date that you and your landlord signed the agreement.

6. Property address. The street address (physical) of the property that you are renting or leasing. If applicable, include any number of units or apartments.

Step 4 – Enter Vacate Details

7. Vacate Day. Input the date that you intend to vacate the property or leave it, and specify whether this date falls before or after the lease term ends.

8. Vacate Reason. Although this is optional, you can give the reason for terminating the lease. If the tenant wishes to terminate the lease prior to the expiration of the lease term, it is helpful to provide a reason.

Step 5 – Write Notices & Security Deposit Info

9. Where to Forward Security Deposit. Please provide the full name and address where the landlord should forward security deposits and notices.

More information on how to write a notice of vacate can be found in our notice-to vacate guide.

Notice to Vacate Letter FAQs

Although you can hand-write a notice to vacate letter within 30 days, we recommend that it be typed or printed. It looks more professional. It is important that you include all of the information in your notice to vacate letters.

Your letter will cost nothing and our downloadable templates are completely free. Only the cost of sending your notice to vacate letters will be charged.

Moving costs can be reduced by delivering your notice to vacate letter on time. This will ensure that your lease does not automatically renew.

You shouldn't complain about the building manager in a notice of vacate letter. It's a formal document and serves as proof that you have left the property. You can also contact your landlord or building manager to express your concerns.

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