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Legally required

Avoid penalties for not having an RA in most states and keep your business in good standing.

Free up your time

Being an RA can feel like a full-time job. We'll be available 9-to-5 every workday so you don't have to be.

Add a layer of privacy

We go on record with the state as the RA—not you. So if you're sued and we're served, you're less likely to bear the burden of getting court papers at home.

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Does My Business Need a Registered Agent?

Yes. Every LLC, corporation and nonprofit is required to have an official Registered Agent (sometimes called a statutory agent, resident agent or agent for service of process) in each state where it does business.

A Registered Agent serves as a permanent physical presence in the state, and the Registered Agent address is where the state government can contact you with legal and tax correspondence, including franchise tax forms, notices of litigation and required annual report forms. Learn more about Registered Agents and why you need one here.

Why Use a Registered Agent Service?

Registered Agent services like the one offered by Incfile help you avoid the hassles and inconvenience of managing all of your own documentation from the state.

They also help preserve your privacy by setting up a public-facing address for your business that is separate from your home.

When you use a Registered Agent service, any official legal or tax correspondence will be forwarded to your personal, private contact address. Incfile’s Registered Agent service also helps you stay on top of deadlines (such as required annual reports) to keep your business in good standing.

A good Registered Agent service can help you respond quickly in the event of a lawsuit, avoid missed deadlines, fines and penalties for non-compliance, and otherwise manage the details of paperwork so you can focus on running your business.

Why Do We Offer a Free Registered Agent?

In addition to offering free LLC and other business formation, you’ll get your first year’s Registered Agent free too when you start a business with Incfile.

Unlike other business formation specialists, our service isn’t built on finding ways to charge you for more products and services.

We believe that entrepreneurs like you are the driving force behind our economy’s growth. Entrepreneurs create innovative solutions and empowering change and we’re here for it.

Radical offerings like our $0 business formation and a free Registered Agent with incorporation are available as a direct result of client loyalty. That loyalty enables us to grow our business and continue making tech-driven process efficiencies so that we’re able to offer you the best value.

Reduce Your Workload Using a Registered Agent Service

Save time and stress by letting Incfile manage your paperwork for you (for a lower cost than other providers)!

Avoid missed deadlines, tiresome paperwork, noncompliance and the associated fines or penalties. Set yourself up for success and free up time to focus on what matters — your business.

Frequently asked questions

You’re required to have a registered agent in most states. Having one ensures your legal notices are in good hands and helps you avoid penalties.

A registered agent is an adult or authorized business that’s around during normal business hours to accept mail or hand-delivered court documents on your behalf. They must have a physical address—not a PO Box—in the same state where your business formed or got foreign qualified.

You might get things like court documents (if you get served), official state correspondences, annual report notices, or junk mail (which we’ll shred for you).

Yes. If you’re interested, you can get legal advice from our plan attorneys.

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